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Folks who come to Canada to study, work or visit temporarily and intend to return to their places of origin fall under this category. To learn more about different ways to visit Canada, please see below for more details on each type of streams. 


If they fall in love with the Canadian way of life, its diversity of cultures, its top notch educational institutions, and are able to bridge labour shortages in Canada with their skills and education; then, Canada offers various opportunities for them to update their current status to more suitable streams for immigration. Find out how we can assist you in achieving this according to your education, resources and skillsets aligned with Canadian Immigration Streams. Please click here for details


Visiting Family; Exploring Business Opportunities; or Tourism 

Find out how we can help build a strong case on your behalf and significantly improve your chances of success.

Find out how an Exploratory visit to Canada can be transformed into your Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) application for Entrepreneurs stream.


Visitors are required to have valid travel document (like passport), enough money to cover their stay in Canada, strong ties with country of origin (like property, assets, job, family), and a very well defined purpose of visit. Inquire us about your case specific questions.

Countries which are exempt from Visitor Visa may require Electronic Travel Authorizations (ETA).

Both of these applications can be filed online. People who have rejections in the past may need to justify the reasons for earlier refusals and explain how this time their application would be any different. Let us help with straightening your case with IRCC.

Exploratory visit is mandatory for some provinces if someone is interested in acquiring Entrepreneur visa in that province. If it applies to you, let us help with your dream.

Visit/Tour Visa (Personal)

Visit Visa is required for all foreign nationals who come from non-visa exempt countries. Foreigners from visa exempt countries may qualify for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) if they fulfill all other requirements.

Visit visa have very generic requirements from IRCC; however, each application goes through minute scrutiny, and a visa officer is required to assess the applications skeptically to remove all possible chances of ill intents and to be able to separate non genuine applicants from genuine visitors. So a good application is always a well prepared package. If you are planning on visiting family or touring natural & beautiful attractions of Canada, please allow us to assist you.

Visit/Tour Visa (Business)

Canada hosts several events, seminars and conferences through out the year to gather industry titans and market leaders from all over the world to come visit and invest in Canada. Some of these events make foundation of future growth of new businesses into Canadian markets. So, the Ministry of IRCC and both provincial and federal governments in Canada recognize the importance of these visitors. 

Some PNP streams for Entrepreneur class require exploratory visit to Canada within the last 12 months, before application, if they wish to buy an existing business in Canada. If you qualify or need assistance with any of these streams, please give us a holler.


Generally LMIA is required in addition to other qualifying requirements to apply for Work Permit. However, in some cases, LMIA is not necessary for few defined conditions.

International Experience Canada (IEC) is another great stream to apply for Work Permit directly if your home country has an agreement with Canada. This stream caters 3 categories: Working Holiday; Young Professional; International Co-op. Find out if you qualify.

If you are an Employer and you have positive LMIA under Global Talent Stream; or your job offer is LMIA Exempt in NOC 0/A; find out how we can help obtain work permit for your potential employee within 2 weeks.


New Caregiver Programs for 'Home Child Care Providers' and 'Home Support Workers' can now get work permits without LMIAs. If you have a job offer, allow us to handle your work visa application stress free.


Ministry of IRCC defines various ways to legally work inside Canada. For most of the jobs, Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), issued by the Ministry of ESDC, needs to be accompanied along the job offer to make it validated. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that priority has been given to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents for the job. A foreign worker is only hired if it cannot be filled locally.  

Canadian Government recognizes the fact that LMIA can be a lengthy process to facilitate workers for Canadian businesses. As a result, they have placed few occupations and few Immigration streams to be exempt from LMIAs. Some LMIA Exempt programs include Caregivers and IEC candidates. If you fall under these streams, please explain your situation for a tailored response from us.

In some cases, an applicant is not required to have either LMIA or a job offer to qualify for Work Permits. These cases include students who completed at least 2 years of qualifying education, workers under International Agreements (life NAFTA), Spouses of NOC 0, A or B foreign workers with work permits of 6+ months, entrepreneurs and workers transferred within a company, Academics (researchers, guest lecturers or visiting professors), Co-Op students, spouses of qualifying full time foreign students who are not enrolled in full time studies themselves, Refugee Claimants & Religious Workers. 


Workers nominated by a province, for PR with a job offer, may also qualify for LMIA exempt work visa. 


Employers who are seeking foreign nationals to join their work force, in order, to gain competitive edge in the industry, or to fulfill labour shortages that can't be filled locally may qualify for positive or neutral LMIA from the Ministry of Economic Social Development of Canada (ESDC). Once an LMIA is issued, the employed may bring in the required talent, from foreign countries, to join their work force.

There are two types of LMIA: Low-Wage LMIA and High-Wage LMIA and the requirements for both vary for both types of LMIAs. If you are in need of foreign worker and wish to apply for LMIA, please give us a shout out. 

Work Permits/Visas

Foreign nationals are an easy target for scammers, UnAuthorized Practitioners (UAPs), who try their best to make a fake LMIA based job offer to look real. Here is a free Pro Tip for potential foreign workers: "Real job offers wouldn't require them to pay a penny for the job. The employers in Canada are seeking foreign workers to fill labour shortages, and they have already paid for LMIA processing fee to hire foreign workers. In some cases, they even pay for traveling expenses for their potential employee."

Workers coming to Canada on job offer based Work Visa do not need additional proof of funds. If you qualify for a work permit in Canada under any stream, please drop us a line. 


Students can apply under Student Direct Stream (SDS) or Regular Stream.

Find out how we can help secure admission and prepare your student visa application package on your behalf.

PGWP is an Open Work Permit to compliment International Student in gaining valuable Canadian Experience upon successful completion of their educational credential in Canada.

Find out how we can help plan your educational experience in Canada better.


Students from China, India, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal and Vietnam may apply under SDS if they presently live in one these countries, show more than CAD 10,000 in GIC, secure 6 bands in each of the four skills in IELTs or overall CLB 7 in French Test TEF & fulfill all other students visa requirements. They can secure visa within a month.

Students who do not qualify for SDS, they may still be able to study in Canada under Regular Stream. It generally requires Acceptance Letter (from a Designated Learning Institution in Canada), a valid travel document, like passport, and proof you can support yourself, and any family members who come with you, while you’re in Canada. It takes about 3 months. We offer complete package for students from admissions till their visa processing. Ask us how we can improve your chances of success.

PGWP is designed to help students complete their educational experience by either working in their field or working anywhere in Canada to practice those skills that they learnt while studying. They can qualify for a maximum of 3 years open work permit upon completion of minimum of two years of qualifying education. Let us know your case specific details to gain most relevant advice.

Study Permit

Student visas are not entirely based on an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada. They are based on strength of ties with country of origin, proof of support to show affordability of the student, genuineness of their application, physical health to overcome inadmissibility due to health reasons, background check and proof of language proficiency required to pursue the course. 

We offer complete support to students from admissions till the processing of their student visa application. If you wish to study in Canada's Top Notch Institutions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

PGWP/Co-Op Work Permits

Students who successfully complete a two or more than two years credential in PGWP approved DLIs, they may qualify for up to three years of post graduate work permit. These three years help them gain valuable Canadian Experience and a boost in their CRS score to help them decide if they wish to continue their life in Canada as a permanent resident, or stick to their original plan and return to their country of origin.

Co-Op based study courses may qualify student for work permit along with processing of their student visa application.

If any of these cases apply to you, or you have landed in a bit of a pickle, please feel free to ask us for assistance.

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