There is a lot of commendable initiatives of Canada in addition to her efforts in providing healthy and discrimination free environment to her citizens and permanent residents. Some of those measures, regarding immigration, include chances for skilled trade people to fill labor shortages in Canada, opportunities for young skilled foreign workers to bridge declining birth rate of Canada, and even greater possibilities for Entrepreneurs to develop and advance their businesses to benefit themselves and Canadian economy simultaneously.   


To maintain Canada's stance on providing equal opportunities to all her potential immigrants, Canada organizes "draws" from the pool of candidates regularly each year and issue Invitations To Apply (ITA) to those candidates. To enter the pool, all applicants pass through a compulsory screening process which is exactly the same for all applicants. This process awards points for age, education, language proficiency in English or French or both, Canadian Experience, Skills Transferability Factors and additional points to those with: Canadian education, Canadian Job offers, Canadian blood relatives and a nomination from one of the provinces in Canada. This stream is commonly known as Express Entry and falls under Federal Economic Class. 

Even though Express Entry becomes the basis of selection for several provincial nomination programs, yet each province adds various other selection factors for the purpose of choosing more suitable candidate for their province. Due to these additional clauses, candidates with very low CRS scores can be chosen for their special skills in specific field and industry. Find out how we can assist with your application package. 


Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD)

Permanent Residents who lose their PR card while being outside of Canada may need to apply for Permanent Resident Travel Document and wait until they have it in their possession before re-entering Canada by Air or by sea. If, however, they are entering through U.S. - Canada land border, they may enter with a valid piece of government issued id. If any of these situations apply to you, please fill in our contact form.

PR Card Renewal

All permanent residents are required to complete 730 days in the most recent 5 years, or since becoming PR if less than 5 years, when they are applying for renewal. Unlike citizenship, residency obligation can be fulfilled by either working with an overseas Canadian firm or by accompanying permanent resident or Canadian Citizen family member. If you fall in this category, please fill in your query here.

Canadian Citizenship Applications

If you were physically present in Canada for more than 1,095 days (equivalent of 3 years) in the most recent 5 years; you have filed taxes regularly for those 3 years; you speak and listen CLB 4 level English/French as per IELTS or CELPIP (exception for students who studied in Secondary or Post Secondary institution in English/French); and you have passed the citizenship test. If you need our assistance, please fill out the form.

Family Sponsorship

Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents may bring their immediate family members from all over the world to Canada. These members are limited to spouse or common-law or conjugal partner and their dependent children under the age of 22 (if still single). If you have a similar situation, please reach us for more tailored advice.

Express Entry Profile for FSWP/FSTP/CEC/PNP

Candidates who wish to migrate using Express Entry streams for immigration. They first need to have an active Express Entry Profile. Then, they can either be contacted by IRCC with an ITA; or by a province with a notification of interest in their profile. Pro Tip: Allowing a professional to handle your Express Entry Profile certainly improves your chances of success due to their up to date knowledge of immigration streams, and their ability  to apply for newer opportunities on your behalf which you could have missed otherwise.  

Caregiver Pilot Program

Canada will process 5,500 Caregiver applications each year including 2,750 under Home Child Care Provider Pilot and 2,750 under Home Support Worker Pilot. Applicants with less than 2 years of qualifying work experience may apply for work permit and permanent residency in the same application. Applicants with more than 24 months of experience may apply for permanent residence directly. Read more about it here. If you have what it takes to become permanent resident under this pilot, please reach out to us for further assistance.

Loss of Permanent Resident Status

Some permanent residents may receive a letter that they no longer meet the residency obligation and are required to appear before Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) to present their side of the story. Or, anyone who has spent more than 1,095 days outside Canada in the most recent 5 years could also be exposed to the risk of losing their PR status. If either of these situations applies to you, please contact us.

Overcoming Inadmissibility

If you have been deported from Canada due to criminality, and it has been a while since it happened, you could be deemed rehabilitated. Or you are still under the removal order and you need Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC), but you may have well justified reasons to enter Canada. You may be eligible for Temporary Resident Permit. In either case, you must apply for Individual Rehabilitation first. If this is your case, please ask us how we can assist you.