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The foundation of our company was mainly prompted by a vision of supporting people in the field of Canadian Immigration ethically and responsibly. We observed incessant fraud and dishonesty in this business, so the need to rectify this became our passion. We received specialized training in the field of Canadian Immigration and acquired a license from the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) to legally represent our clients. 

We believe in building trust and bank on receiving repeated business from our clients for all their immigration matters. Our journey continues to be full of challenges and yet filled with joys upon the successful completion of most of our files.


Being a genuine licensee of CICC to legally represent our clients, we have taken a mission upon ourselves to protect/save the aspiring immigrants from the exploitations of UnAuthorized Practitioners (UAPs) by honestly working hard for the case presentation of our clients. The basic purpose is that people should not fall prey to this profession's illegal service providers who call themselves “agents” in our major target markets of India and Pakistan. They have been able to infiltrate the market quite easily due to their massive size. These illegal “consultants” poach away clients with their enticing sales pitch based on their street smartness and vast experience in manipulating those in need. 

However, the challenge lies in rising above the crowd and building a loyal customer base. The one which trusts the company and sees value in the authenticity of our work. Our efforts will be focused on preparing a case that serves the best interests of our clients. 

Don't lose money to UnAuthorized Representative (UAP)

Protect yourself against fraud and unlicensed agents. Click here to be redirected to the CICC website where you can confirm the identity of your representative. Simply enter their name or search by their license, and then you should be able to confirm their name, contact information and official address.

If you think you have been a victim of unethical representation from any of the licensed consultants, please reach out to the CICC complaints section. They will require evidence from the complainant to back their claim and proceed with the investigation that can lead to legal action against their member. 

Immigration Consultancy is a highly regulated profession which strictly ensures that the safety and privacy of the client are being safeguarded and protected at every step of the way. These stringent measures are put in place to maintain the integrity of this noble profession. 

It is the client's main responsibility to make sure that they only allow licensed representatives to work on their file. These licensed representatives may include Lawyers and Immigration consultants who are in good standing with their regulatory bodies.

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